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Medical Staff

The doctors of our clinic will implement the best comprehensive solution for you. We have an excellent team of doctors, dental technicians, medical assistants, sterilizers and engineers to ensure the smooth operation and prevention of unique technologies.

Choose specialty:
Nethma Kariyawasam
Teaching Assistants (TAs)
1 yr. of practice
Inna Volkava
Teaching Assistants (TAs)
1 yr. of practice
Anthony McFarlane
Vocational Instructors
39 yr. of practice
Carlene Taylor
Speech and Language Therapist
1 yr. of practice
Terry Burke
Enrolment Management
1 yr. of practice
Robert Edwards Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo)
Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo)
3 yr. of practice
June Fisher
14 yr. of practice
Irabor-Benson Michael
1 yr. of practice
Amy bangura
1 yr. of practice
Suzie Bennett
18 yr. of practice
Paul Fisher
1 yr. of practice
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0 yr. of practice
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