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Creative Makeup is the art of transformation in film and TV. Learn the craft at BCI, where SEND post-16 learners unlock their artistic potential. Enrol now to explore the magic of makeup, blending creativity with technical skill for an exciting career in entertainment production.

Explore the world through a lens! Commercial photography at BCI teaches more than capturing moments—it’s about storytelling through images. Join us, SEND learners, at BCI to discover the art of visual narration, unlocking your creativity behind the camera and shaping a vibrant future in the visual industry.

TV production is a vibrant world blending creativity and technology, offering diverse roles like directing, editing, and cinematography. At BCI, SEND post-16 learners, dive into this dynamic field, gaining hands-on experience in TV production. Join us to unleash your creativity and embark on an exciting journey in television at BCI!

Explore Games Development at BCI: Dive into coding and design, crafting immersive worlds. SEND post-16 learners, discover programming languages and unleash your creativity at the British Creative Institute for a vibrant journey into game creation.

At BCI, post-16 SEN learners delve into Radio Broadcasting through tailored programs. Our specialised training offers hands-on experience in scriptwriting, production, and broadcasting techniques. With personalised support, we empower learners to explore their creativity and flourish in the dynamic world of radio.

post-16 SEN learners explore t-shirt printing through hands-on workshops and tailored sessions. Our specialized training equips them with design techniques, printing skills, and adaptive methods, fostering creativity while accommodating individual needs for a vibrant learning experience.

Join BCI’s cutting-edge Web Development class. Dive into coding, design responsive websites, and master programming languages. Learn from industry experts, craft dynamic web solutions, and unleash your creativity in this immersive and forward-looking program.

At BCI’s Singing and Vocal Coaching class, discover your musical potential. Led by seasoned professionals, explore vocal techniques, performance skills, and personalized coaching. Unleash your voice and refine your musical prowess in a supportive and inspiring environment at BCI’s cutting-edge facilities.

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Creative Industries Training Provider

The British Creative Institute is a Special Educational Needs and Disability SEND Creative Industries Training provider for post-16 young people to 25,
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Enrolling at the British Creative Institute (BCI)

Enrolling at the British Creative Institute (BCI) is simple! Follow these steps:
Explore Programs: Check our website for courses in SEND education and creative fields.
Contact BCI: Reach out via phone or email for program details and enrollment guidance.
Application Form: Complete the online application form or request one from admissions.
Documentation: Prepare necessary documents like educational transcripts and identification.
Interview/Assessment: Attend an interview or assessment to determine the best-fit program.
Confirmation: Upon acceptance, receive confirmation and details for your educational journey at BCI!
Join BCI for an inclusive and innovative learning experience tailored to your creative aspirations and SEND needs.

Who Can Apply?

At the British Creative Institute (BCI), our doors are open to individuals seeking inclusive and innovative education. Those who can apply include:
SEND Learners: Individuals with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities seeking specialized education.
Post-16 Students: Those above 16 aim for creative and tailored educational pathways.
Aspiring Creatives: Individuals passionate about arts, media, design, and technology.
Career Changers: Those looking to transition into the creative industry or enhance existing skills.
Diverse Learners: Students from various backgrounds eager for a supportive and inclusive learning environment.
Those Seeking Innovation: Individuals interested in cutting-edge education and industry-relevant skills.
BCI warmly welcomes diverse learners seeking a vibrant and inclusive educational experience that nurtures creativity and supports individual needs.

When Can I apply?

Applications at the British Creative Institute are typically open throughout the year. However, checking our website or contacting our admissions team for specific enrollment windows and deadlines is advisable. We encourage prospective students to apply when ready to embark on their educational journey at BCI to secure a place in their desired program.

Navigating SEND Awareness: Transitioning into a Creative Professional Life.

In Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), the journey into adulthood is a landscape of opportunities brimming with creativity and independence. For post-16 learners, this pivotal phase marks a transition and an embarkation into a realm where inclusion, awareness, and career aspirations converge.
Embracing Inclusivity:
SEND awareness begins with embracing diversity. At the British Creative Institute (BCI), inclusivity isn’t just a value; it’s our foundation. We champion a supportive environment, fostering creativity while accommodating unique needs. Our tailored programs ensure that every learner, regardless of their challenges, finds their voice in the arts, media, and technology world.
Transitioning into Professionalism:
As learners mature, their passions evolve into potential careers. BCI acts as a bridge, nurturing artistic flair into professional skills. We sculpt talents into tomorrow’s creative professionals through specialised graphic design, web development, music production, and more courses.
Independence and Life Skills:
Transitioning into adult life isn’t merely about career aspirations; it’s about independent living. BCI’s holistic approach continues beyond education; we empower learners with life skills vital for autonomy. From financial literacy to navigating social interactions, we guide individuals toward confident independence.

A Call to Action:
To the parents and carers guiding these young adults, consider BCI as a beacon of holistic growth. Encourage exploration, contact us, and discover how our tailored support can shape their path toward fulfilling careers and self-reliant futures.
Join us at BCI, where SEND awareness, inclusion, and the journey into professional creative life converge. Together, let’s sculpt futures filled with creativity, independence, and endless possibilities. Get in touch today to explore the transformative journey awaiting your post-16 learner.


Unlock Your Creative Journey: Apply Now at BCI!
Embrace Inclusivity, explore specialised SEND education, and ignite your future in the vibrant arts, media, and technology world. Join us for a transformative learning experience tailored to your unique talents and aspirations.

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