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British Creative Institute

Doctors, Teachers, Staff and Volunteers

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Nethma Kariyawasam
Teaching Assistants (TAs)
1 yr. of practice
Inna Volkava
Teaching Assistants (TAs)
1 yr. of practice
Anthony McFarlane
Vocational Instructors
39 yr. of practice
Carlene Taylor
Speech and Language Therapist
1 yr. of practice
Terry Burke
Enrolment Management
1 yr. of practice
Robert Edwards Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo)
Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo)
3 yr. of practice
June Fisher
14 yr. of practice
Irabor-Benson Michael
1 yr. of practice
Amy bangura
1 yr. of practice
Suzie Bennett
18 yr. of practice
Paul Fisher
1 yr. of practice
Unleash Your Creative Potential at British Creative Institute.
0 yr. of practice

Teachers, staff, and volunteers play pivotal roles within BCI educational institutions, each contributing distinctively to its success. Our teachers are not just educators but catalysts for change, empowering students to break barriers, exceed expectations, and carve their paths toward success. What sets our teachers apart is their unparalleled commitment to understanding and embracing the individuality of every student. With specialised training and a deep understanding of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, they possess a wealth of knowledge and skills to cater to the multifaceted requirements of our diverse learners.

Teachers: Educators who serve as the backbone of the BCI academic setting. They design lesson plans, deliver lectures, assess students, and provide guidance and mentorship. Their role involves nurturing students’ intellectual curiosity, fostering critical thinking, and imparting knowledge in various subjects.

Staff: The administrative and support personnel who ensure the smooth functioning of the institution. This category includes administrative assistants, janitorial staff, IT support, and other non-teaching roles. They contribute to the overall efficiency and organisation of the school or institution, handling various operational aspects crucial for its daily operation.

Volunteers: Individuals who contribute their time and efforts to assist in various capacities within the institution. They aid in extracurricular activities, mentor students, assist teachers in classrooms, or support administrative tasks. Volunteers often bring unique perspectives and additional resources, enriching the educational experience.

Each group, teachers, staff, and volunteers, brings unique expertise and dedication, collectively shaping the learning environment and ensuring the holistic development of students. Their collaborative efforts foster a nurturing and conducive atmosphere for education and growth.

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