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Amy bangura
Amy bangura

Amy Bangura is a dedicated professional deeply committed to fostering safe environments and advocating for the well-being of vulnerable individuals. With a profound focus on Child Abuse Prevention, Policy on Child Safety, and Accessible Services, Amy ensures the implementation of protective measures that safeguard children and empower communities.
Her expertise spans Youth and Community Development Practice, where she actively develops policies and initiatives supporting young individuals. Proficient in navigating Public Policy on Youths in Ireland, Amy employs exceptional communication and social analysis skills to address ethical dilemmas encountered by the younger population.

Amy’s commitment extends to Community Care and Human Growth Development, where she prioritizes health, safety, and effective communication. With specialized care skills and an empathetic approach, she champions the well-being of older individuals, ensuring they receive the attention and care they deserve.

Her expertise in Child Psychology, coupled with a comprehensive understanding of community development and social studies, enables her to address children’s multifaceted challenges—Amy’s adeptness in numeracy aids in crafting evidence-based strategies to support child development effectively.

Moreover, Amy’s focus on issues surrounding Child and Domestic Violence underscores her dedication to eradicating these societal challenges. Through her robust communication skills and community development initiatives, she strives to create awareness and implement effective solutions to combat these issues.

In summary, Amy Bangura’s comprehensive skill set, compassionate approach, and dedication to safeguarding vulnerable individuals position her as a dynamic professional contributing significantly to promoting child safety, fostering community well-being, and advocating for ethical and impactful policy changes.

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