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Nethma Kariyawasam

Job Title: SEND TA / Administrator

Role Overview: As a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Teaching Assistant (SEND TA) Administrator at BCI (British Creative Institute), Nethma Kariyawasam is pivotal in ensuring the smooth operation of educational support services for learners with diverse needs. Nethma’s responsibilities encompass administrative tasks crucial for providing specialised assistance to students, fostering an inclusive learning environment, and supporting the professional development of educators.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Administrative Support: Nethma diligently manages administrative tasks essential for the effective functioning of SEND programs. This includes maintaining accurate records, coordinating schedules, and facilitating communication between educators, support staff, and parents/guardians.
  2.  Resource Management: She adeptly organises and maintains resources required for tailored learning interventions, such as assistive technologies, learning materials, and adaptive equipment, ensuring they are readily accessible to staff and students.
  3.  Individualised Support Planning: Nethma collaborates with teaching staff and educational specialists to develop individualised education plans (IEPs) and support strategies tailored to each learner’s unique needs, fostering their academic progress and overall development.
  4.  Professional Development Coordination: Nethma takes a proactive approach to support the ongoing professional development of herself and her colleagues. She actively seeks out and participates in practical Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses relevant to her role, leveraging new knowledge and skills to enhance her effectiveness in supporting students.
  5.  Student Progress Monitoring: Through meticulous record-keeping and regular communication with teaching staff, Nethma monitors the progress of students receiving SEND support, identifying areas of improvement and providing timely feedback to inform instructional strategies.

Excellence in Role:

Nethma Kariyawasam exemplifies excellence as a SEND TA Administrator at BCI through her unwavering dedication, attention to detail, and commitment to fostering an inclusive learning environment. Her proactive approach to professional development enhances her career prospects and translates into enhanced support for learners, enabling them to thrive academically and personally.

Enthusiasm for CPD Courses:

Nethma’s enthusiasm for practical CPD courses is palpable. She recognises the invaluable opportunity they present for honing her skills and staying abreast of best practices in special education. By actively engaging in CPD activities, Nethma not only enriches her knowledge base but also brings fresh insights and innovative strategies to her role, ultimately benefiting the entire educational community at BCI.

In summary, Nethma Kariyawasam’s role as a SEND TA Administrator at BCI is characterised by her exemplary performance, proactive approach to professional development, and unwavering commitment to empowering learners with diverse needs to reach their full potential.

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