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Robert Edwards

Robert plays a pivotal role in championing the educational experiences of SEND learners, ensuring they receive the necessary support, resources, and tailored interventions to thrive within the academic setting. He serves post-16 learners as an advocate, coordinator, and educator, striving to create an inclusive environment where every learner’s potential can be realised and nurtured. The role of a SENCo at BCI requires a comprehensive understanding of SEND practices, legislative compliance, and the ability to lead and support an inclusive educational environment. Through a blend of experience, qualifications, and a commitment to ongoing professional development, SENCOs like Robert Edwards ensure that SEND learners receive the tailored support necessary to thrive within the educational setting.

As the Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator (SENCo) at the British Creative Institute, Robert Edwards is pivotal in ensuring the inclusive and supportive education of learners with diverse needs. The SENCo role encompasses multifaceted duties and responsibilities, demanding a blend of specialised skills, qualifications, and experience.

SENCo Job Description: Top Duties and Responsibilities:

SENCo Skills and Qualifications:

SENCo Experience Requirements:

SEN Policies and Processes:

SENCOs Education and Training Requirements:

A SENCo is an essential figure within an educational institution, overseeing the provision of support and interventions for SEND learners. Their primary duties include:

  1. Policy and Strategy: Developing and implementing policies, strategies, and procedures to ensure inclusive education for SEND learners.
  2. Collaboration: Collaborating with educators, parents, external agencies, and specialists to identify and address the individual needs of SEND learners.
  3. Assessment and Intervention: Overseeing the assessment process, creating and monitoring individualised education plans (IEPs), and coordinating specialised interventions.
  4. Staff Training: Providing guidance and training to educators to support and teach SEND learners effectively.
  5. Compliance: Ensuring compliance with SEND legislation and local authority requirements, advocating for the rights and needs of SEND students.
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