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Talha Asher, a multilingual speaker of Urdu, English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Basic Arabic and an inept Computer Science student at Coventry University, embodies a passion for programming and a genuine drive to contribute to the IT industry. He has a robust SQL, Python, and R skill set, laying a solid foundation in data manipulation and analysis. Further augmenting his technical abilities, Talha recently completed a certificate course in Digital Marketing, broadening his understanding of technology’s role in crafting effective marketing strategies.

Currently in his second year at Coventry University, pursuing a BSc in Computer Science, Talha exhibits a keen interest in various facets of the field. His modules encompass a broad spectrum, ranging from Programming and Algorithms to Database Systems, Data Science, and Software Engineering. Additionally, his educational journey reflects a solid commitment to personal development, which is evident in his employability modules, including Arabic and volunteering.

Apart from his academic pursuits, Talha has actively engaged in diverse roles that highlight his versatility and dedication. As a Kitchen Support Member at Chai Wala in Birmingham, he has showcased excellent time management, creativity in crafting beverages, and leadership in maintaining a well-organized kitchen. His previous stint as a Business Development Intern at Makhdoom’s UK Ltd in London highlighted his proactive approach to enhancing the business’s online presence through effective social media marketing and personalized customer solutions.

Talha’s commitment to volunteering is notable. As a Discord Mod Volunteer in Coventry, he has demonstrated strong leadership and communication skills, ensuring a respectful and informative community environment. Moreover, his contributions to Cancer Research & Oxfam Charity Shops in London showcased his customer service finesse, financial acumen, and social media marketing skills, fostering a positive shopping experience while supporting charitable initiatives.

In the realm of project experience, Talha has embarked on several individual ventures that underscore his technical prowess. He delved into Python Email Service, SQL projects, Yasm Game Development, and MATLAB-based Big Data Programming, showcasing proficiency in programming languages and data management.

Beyond academics and professional engagements, Talha’s interests extend to fitness and programming. His achievements, including being honoured as the Student of the Month for Science, signify his dedication to academic and personal excellence.

Talha Asher’s diverse skill set, commitment to learning, and dedication to various roles reflect a multifaceted individual poised to make meaningful contributions to the IT landscape. His proactive approach, technical proficiency, and eagerness to learn and apply new skills position him as a promising talent in Computer Science.

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