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Behavioural Interventionists

Disabled Woman Crying in Support Group

Behavioural Interventionists at BCI employ tailored strategies, supporting individuals’ social and emotional needs. Through specialized interventions, they foster positive behaviours, enabling personal growth and enhancing learning experiences for our diverse student community.

Emotional and Behavioural Support

Supportive people encouraging young woman during group therapy meeting at mental health center.

Post-16 SEND learners will receive dedicated emotional and behavioural support at BCI; tailored interventions and counselling will foster emotional regulation, coping strategies, and social skills. This personalised care empowers learners to navigate challenges, facilitating a conducive academic and personal growth environment.

The Health Toll of Poor Sleep

Black woman suffering from insomnia covering face

implementing these strategies and creating a supportive environment, SEND learners can improve their sleep quality, positively impacting their overall well-being, academic performance, and emotional regulation. Each individual may require a personalized approach, considering their needs and challenges to ensure better rest and improved health outcomes.

Positive Behaviour Support

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PBS for post-16 SEND learners cultivates a nurturing setting, emphasising empowerment and support. Through positive reinforcement, personalised approaches, teamwork, and ongoing assessment, PBS fosters a positive learning journey, promoting the well-being of diverse learners.

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