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Behavioural Interventionists

Disabled Woman Crying in Support Group

Behavioural Interventionists at BCI employ tailored strategies, supporting individuals’ social and emotional needs. Through specialized interventions, they foster positive behaviours, enabling personal growth and enhancing learning experiences for our diverse student community.

Emotional and Behavioural Support

Supportive people encouraging young woman during group therapy meeting at mental health center.

Post-16 SEND learners will receive dedicated emotional and behavioural support at BCI; tailored interventions and counselling will foster emotional regulation, coping strategies, and social skills. This personalised care empowers learners to navigate challenges, facilitating a conducive academic and personal growth environment.

Individualised Education Plan (IEP)

IEP words stands for Individualized Educational Program

BCI’s IEP is a tailored tool that fosters student potential in academics, social growth, and personal development. Professional teachers, dedicated and skilled, actively shape and execute these plans, ensuring each learner receives personalized support for their educational success.

Physical Disability Support for SEND learners

pair of tennis players with a physical disability hugging each other with their master.

Through professional collaboration, BCI ensures adequate support, accommodations, and resources for physically disabled learners, fostering their academic, social, and personal growth. This approach highlights inclusivity, dignity, and empowerment within the educational environment for disabled individuals.

Positive Behaviour Support

Word "Change" jigsaw puzzle pieces isolated on white

PBS for post-16 SEND learners cultivates a nurturing setting, emphasising empowerment and support. Through positive reinforcement, personalised approaches, teamwork, and ongoing assessment, PBS fosters a positive learning journey, promoting the well-being of diverse learners.

Well-being and Mental Health

Mental health, pain, not well, mental illness, health, healthy lifestyle, problems, mentally, life

The statement is positive in highlighting the proactive role of educators and support systems in fostering a supportive environment for post-16 SEND learners. To enhance positivity, emphasise the transformative impact of prioritising emotional health, empowering learners for academic success, personal development, and a fulfilling life journey.

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