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Suzie Bennett

Kibrest Bennett, as the acting SENCO assistant and School Governor at BCI, is a dedicated figure in Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND), wielding an in-depth understanding of inclusive education and community advocacy. With 18 years as a parent Governor at Yardley School and Yarnfield School and further Assistant Governor responsibilities at Yardley School, Kibrest serves as a mediator, consultant, mentor, and advocate for SEND initiatives.

Her leadership at the British Creative Institute (BCI) fosters an inclusive environment celebrating diversity. Tailored programs accommodate diverse learning needs, ensuring everyone feels valued and supported. Kibrest’s technical expertise in SEND education ensures BCI offers programs catering to unique learning styles and challenges, nurturing an environment conducive to growth and success for post-16 adults.

BCI’s holistic approach, guided by Kibrest’s insight, goes beyond academics, focusing on life skills, independence, and personal growth. The institute recognises and nurtures innate creativity, offering diverse arts, media, technology, and more programs, enabling SEND learners to explore and excel in their areas of interest.

Kibrest fosters a supportive community at BCI, where empathy and encouragement abound. This community, built on understanding and support, provides students with a sense of belonging and facilitates their educational journey. The institute educates and prepares individuals for professional success through industry-relevant courses, practical experiences, and career-focused guidance.

Safety and inclusivity are paramount at BCI, thanks to Kibrest’s commitment. Campuses are designed to be accessible, secure, and welcoming, ensuring a conducive learning environment. Every learner at BCI receives personalised attention, with dedicated staff and resources catering to individual needs, nurturing academic and personal growth.

Kibrest’s role is to ensure school policies align with the latest SEN regulations, equip teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills, and oversee adequate facilities for special needs. She spearheads SEN training, assesses educational requirements, offers one-on-one teaching support, and facilitates referrals for additional support outside school hours.

Ultimately, Kibrest Bennett’s leadership at BCI is pivotal in empowering SEND post-16 adults, nurturing their potential, passions, and confidence to step into their futures. Her multifaceted contributions ensure that BCI isn’t just an educational institute; it’s a transformative space fostering growth, inclusivity, and empowerment for every learner.

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