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Personalised Educational Coaching for Post-16 SEND Learners at BCI


The British Creative Institute (BCI) takes pride in offering personalized educational coaching explicitly designed for post-16 learners with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). At BCI, we recognize each student’s unique abilities, challenges, and aspirations, and our commitment is to provide a supportive and inclusive learning environment that fosters personal and academic growth.

Understanding Individual Needs:

Central to our approach is a deep understanding of the individual needs of post-16 SEND learners. We acknowledge the diverse spectrum of SEND conditions, including but not limited to cognitive and learning difficulties, speech and language challenges, social-emotional and well-being concerns, and physical disabilities. This understanding is the foundation upon which our personalized coaching is built.

Tailored Curriculum:

BCI’s curriculum is meticulously tailored to accommodate the diverse learning styles and preferences of post-16 SEND learners. Our courses are designed to be flexible, allowing for modifications and adjustments to meet the specific needs of each student. Our coaching is adaptive and responsive, whether it’s additional support in specific subject areas, modified assessment methods, or personalized learning materials.

Highly Qualified and Supportive Staff:

Our coaching team at BCI consists of highly qualified and experienced educators, including Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs), learning support specialists, and industry professionals. These individuals are experts in their respective fields and compassionate and dedicated mentors who prioritize the well-being and success of every student.

Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs):

Every post-16 SEND learner at BCI benefits from an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP), a dynamic and evolving document that outlines specific goals, strategies, and accommodations tailored to the student’s needs. The ILP is developed collaboratively with the learner, their parents or guardians, and the coaching team. It serves as a roadmap for personalized educational journeys, ensuring that each student progresses at their own pace.

Inclusive Learning Environment:

BCI is committed to fostering an inclusive learning environment that promotes collaboration, mutual respect, and a sense of belonging. In our classrooms, diversity is celebrated, and students are encouraged to share their unique perspectives and talents. The inclusive setting enables post-16 SEND learners to build supportive relationships with peers, fostering social and emotional development alongside academic achievements.

Assistive Technologies:

To further enhance the learning experience, BCI integrates assistive technologies to support post-16 SEND learners. From specialized software for text-to-speech and speech-to-text to adaptive learning platforms, we leverage technology to create a more accessible and engaging educational environment. These tools seamlessly integrate into our coaching methods, providing additional avenues for skill development and knowledge acquisition.

Regular Monitoring and Progress Assessments:

Continuous monitoring and regular assessments are integral components of our personalized coaching approach. Progress is assessed against the goals outlined in the ILP, allowing us to identify areas of strength and areas that may require additional support. Feedback from learners and their support network is actively sought, ensuring that adjustments to coaching methods can be made promptly.

Building Future Pathways:

At BCI, our goal is to provide quality education and empower post-16 SEND learners for successful futures. We work closely with students to explore and understand their interests, strengths, and aspirations. Through career guidance, work placements, and industry exposure, we prepare learners for meaningful engagement with the creative sector and beyond.

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